Wire Frame Tester Files

Wire Frame Tester was my Final Year Project at the Univeristy of Bolton, it is basically an application designed to allow Teachers to demonstrate and students to investigate maths problems to do with 3D Coordinates and 3D Pythagoras Theorem questions (suitable for Higher Level GCSE). It allows teachers and students to manipulate the diagrams provided alogside the questions to facilitate understanding of the problems. It also provides them with the opportunity to enter their answer to the question and recieve immediate feedback as to whether the answer is correct.

Known bugs

There appears to be an issue witht the Worksheet generator on Linux (definitely when xinerama is enabled) as the worksheets are not generated correctly on my Debian Laptop as well as my dual monitor setup on my desktop.

Files Associated with the Project

Final Source Files as of 07/01/09

To compile you will need a reasonably up to date edition of Qt, simply unzip the file, cd into the directory, run qmake, then run make (on windows with mingw32 use mingw32-make) then track down the resultant binary and run it. This works for definite on windows and linux, and should work on a Mac but I have no means of checking this.

Current windows binary and dlls

Unzip the zip file, cd into the folder and run the executable. It should run on Windows XP, and probably runs on Vista but I can't check that at the moment, although it does run on the Windows 7 Beta.

Terms of reference

Interim Report

Source code and runnable binaries for the Interim Report

Final Project Report