Chips, Chips and more Chips

I’ve been playing with electronics recently, and have managed to learn how to solder. I’m making Connor a Simon Says game for Christmas based on the one from the PicAXE site here. From looking at various sites I found this one Chiphacker where I’ve been asking and answering various questions relating to electronics and computing.

By reading the posts I don’t know about and answering the ones I do, I’m learning quite a lot as I go along.

Here’s a badge they provide for me to put here, which monitors my latest stats:

Reposted Posts

I’ve finally managed to get around to reposting, all of the posts which were on my old blog, going back a full 5 1/2 years. Not very interesting mostly, other than to remind me what i was doing/thinking at a particular point in time.


The Site Has Moved

I’ve moved the site from 1 and 1 Web Hosting to Heart Internet, as I have taken out a Reseller account with them, in order to start a business.

Go to to see it (the main site isn’t up yet but it will be soon).

If you need web hosting, web design or application development or anything else of a computing flavour doing then contact me and I’ll sort them out for you (for a fee, probably).

Emacs – Slime – SBCL Setup Redux

After using this for a while i’ve just realised that all output is going to the inferior-lisp buffer instead of the REPL.The solution is to go into the slime directory, open swank.lisp and find the lines:

(defvar *globally-redirect-io* nil
  “When non-nil globally redirect all standard streams to Emacs.”)

and change them to

(defvar *globally-redirect-io* t
  “When non-nil globally redirect all standard streams to Emacs.”)

Which appears to do the trick.

(Crosses fingers hopefully)



Emacs – Slime – SBCL Setup

I’ve faffed around for ages looking for the causes of these problems, and I seem final to have found the solution. On both of my windows boxes I had upgraded SBCL to 1.0.22, Emacs to the latest EmacsW32, and Slime to the most recent but this setup was not working as I wanted, after doing M-x slime, I was not getting a REPL, just some output in the *inferior-lisp* buffer telling me I was connected.To get a REPL to display when we start slime it is necessary to change the line in our .emacs file from:



(slime-setup ‘(slime-fancy slime-asdf slime-banner))

I’m not sure which one has the desired effect out of slime-fancy and slime-asdf, but slime-banner is only required to display the startup animation.

Problem number 2 was that once I had my REPL when I hit an error, the Backtrace started, but Aborting did not drop me back into the REPL, instead, it appeared to hang. To work around this requires an alteration to swank.lisp in the slime folder. We need to alter the line in the sldb-loop function (around line 2496 in my version):

(wait-for-event `(:sldb-return ,(1+ level)) t)

changing it to:

(poll-for-event `(:sldb-return ,(1+ level))

This isn’t apparently a solution, just a workaround according to the slime-devel mailing list.



Latest news

Hi there.

It’s been 3 months since I last got around to updating this blog. So some catching up seems in order. My project for college is going reasonably well, I’ve got a working application, which matches the initial TOR. I’ve also managed to implement another version of it which does 3D Pythagoras Theorem questions, but they need integrating fully to make them selectable from the menu (plus an option for random types of question needs sorting out). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Plug-In version to work at the moment so I’ll have to come back to that later. For some reason, Amanda has changed my supervisor from being her to Adam, odd (well not that odd if you know Amanda).

My other course is not Integrating Business Websites as it was originally supposed to be, but instead, I’m doing Client Server Solutions with Jim. Which can only be a bonus, as I think that this is one course which plays to my strengths. We’ve done out patented Jim Use/Change Analysis thing and are now implementing a client to talk to Jim’s server in VB6, nice.

I’ve been playing with Python and PyQt, and I’m thinking that after graduation I might try and limit myself to Python, Lisp and maybe C# for all of my programming needs. In fact other than learning Lisp for Lisp’s sake I might try and just do Python (as we have PyGame, PyQt, PyGTK and Django) which pretty much covers everything I want to do.

I need to do some stuff on the school website, like install Drupal to allow other users to add content, and finish implementing DtMonitor (maybe I should rewrite in Python using Django?).

Connor has moved to BCPS, as we think he had outgrown where he was and was in need of a change. Plus we didn’t think he would get in at the local Catholic school so if we wanted to guarantee a place at somewhere decent we needed to move him now.

He seems to be enjoying it.

Anyhow time for bed.