Emacs – Slime – SBCL Setup

I’ve faffed around for ages looking for the causes of these problems, and I seem final to have found the solution. On both of my windows boxes I had upgraded SBCL to 1.0.22, Emacs to the latest EmacsW32, and Slime to the most recent but this setup was not working as I wanted, after doing M-x slime, I was not getting a REPL, just some output in the *inferior-lisp* buffer telling me I was connected.To get a REPL to display when we start slime it is necessary to change the line in our .emacs file from:



(slime-setup ‘(slime-fancy slime-asdf slime-banner))

I’m not sure which one has the desired effect out of slime-fancy and slime-asdf, but slime-banner is only required to display the startup animation.

Problem number 2 was that once I had my REPL when I hit an error, the Backtrace started, but Aborting did not drop me back into the REPL, instead, it appeared to hang. To work around this requires an alteration to swank.lisp in the slime folder. We need to alter the line in the sldb-loop function (around line 2496 in my version):

(wait-for-event `(:sldb-return ,(1+ level)) t)

changing it to:

(poll-for-event `(:sldb-return ,(1+ level))

This isn’t apparently a solution, just a workaround according to the slime-devel mailing list.