I am Knackered!

We came back from Scotland last Sunday, and since then I’ve had a few days to do some work, and most evenings but I’m getting nowhere. I’ve not slept well all week and as a result, I’ve just been too brain dead to do anything constructive towards my project. I know exactly what I need to do first, that is decide on the exact interface for the Qgl base class to inherit from and test an implementation of it using CPPUnit and the QTest class. Tomorrow I think I might be able to have a go.

Instead of doing this constructive work I’ve been faffing as usual, although I have managed to end up with some useful stuff even if it doesn’t help my project along. I’ve set up this website to be Drupal based finally, and ported all of my previous blog posts over including photos (although I ended up installing the Tiny TinyMCE and the IMCE module to allow me to put images into the text and to give improved formatting options when entering text). I also made a few buttons to go on the site linking to my profile on various sites (Vencorps, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and then managed to create a new block containing my current Twitter Status (I used some code from the Twitter site but had to add a space in the empty ul and /ul tags).

As I said I added some links to the various sites mentioned above, playing with these sites has been part of where I’ve been wasting my time this week too. Vencorps is an offshoot of the old Cambrian House site that I was previously a member of. I completed my LinkedIn profile again just to pass some time, but I have one more thing I’ve been doing to waste time: GPS mapping.

I’ve been meaning to get a GPS receiver for a while so that I could participate in the OpenStreetMap project at: http://www.openstreetmap.org to create local entries for the map. My phone has a GPS receiver so by using the free (beer-yes, speech-?) I’ve been tracking my cycle routes and then tracing them using the JOSM mapping tool, which lets you plot roads and then upload them to the OSM server where on a Wednesday new details are added. If you look at the are around Halliwell and Astley Bridge you should see lots of details I’ve added. As other than one road there was virtually nothing drawn in between Chorley old Road, Blackburn Road and Moss Bank Way.

I don’t know if it’s my phone or if it’s the fact that I’m in a built-up environment but some of the traces I’ve done haven’t been particularly good. I reckon to do all of the bits in detail in this part of Bolton will take me a good few months. Before I start trying to add details on the map, I can check out what I’ve done using the SportsTracker website where I upload each route and it is displayed as an overlay on a GoogleMap, if it looks reasonably like the route I followed then the track has worked and is usable. If it is full of straight lines then I can’t really use it.

My profile at OpenStreetMap is: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Dave%20Ames

Anyway, it’s time for bed.

Night, night.