It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday today, but we’re not doing much to celebrate it as we’ve both got so much work on at the moment.

I’ve finished my website, done a very shoddy write-up and now just need to do the script for the automated telephone service.

Next I’ve got to do the lovely concept maps for the course. It’s tempting to leave out one or two lectures and see if he notices. I have decided to spend tonight and tomorrow doing as many as possible so that I can concentrate on doing as much of my Interim Research Report as possible at the weekend.

I have managed to write a functioning script in CLisp to massage the SIMS data into shape, but it’s littered with globals so I need to refactor it. I’m planning on spending some more time looking at SIMS data using CLisp for scripting.

Plus once Year 11 have gone I’ll have a look at writing a version of DT-Monitor in CLisp using a web framework if I can find one, and PHP with Zend again if not.