At College Again Waiting for my Lecture to Start

I’m sat in the coffee shop again, getting ready for yet another HCI lecture.

This is most definitely not my favourite module. In fact I’m struggling to work out which module would get that honour.

Unlike some of the other contenders for the worst, there’s little wrong with the course or the lecturer it just doesn’t make me feel good, as it’s just too wishy-washy. There isn’t any tangible thing which I need to do/know, its just some airy fairy concepts I need to apply.

I may be getting somewhere with the HCI website assignment, but that means I’ve had to leave the project stuff for now. If I can finish the website and the write up this week then I should be able to move on next week.

Today I’ve been Moodling all day. I managed to upload all of the students onto the site and I’m just working on a script to massage the SIMS output into the correct format. It’s lecture time.