Even More Useless Than Previously Mentioned

Yet again, how useless am I? I’m actually typing this entry on my phone, maybe if I use my phone I might manage to keep up-to-date more.

I’m currently off work with a stinking cold that shows no sign of disappearing soon. I’ve finished one assignment for College whilst I’ve been off, and I was trying to get on with my Advanced Databases one but I’ve had problems today.

I thought I’d managed to install Oracle 9i and Oracle Forms 6i and got them to talk to each other. So I set up a user, and started creating tables and constraints in SQL*/Plus. Then when I tried to connect using the user I set up using Forms Builder, I get an error message about invalid username and password. So then I log in to SQL*/Plus using scott/tiger run the scripts to set up the Db and constraints, then I log out of SQL*/Plus log in as scott/tiger in Forms Builder and discover that I can’t see the tables I just created only the example, default tables. I went backwards and forwards a few times (think 2 hours) but got nowhere, so I’ve uninstalled both of them and reinstalled Forms 6i. On the grounds that they’re obviously not seeing the same database.

Now I’m going to try just using SQL*/Plus 8, which Forms installed but first I need to reconfigure the listeners etc so that I can actually log in.