I’m Useless At Keeping A Blog

Six months and yet again I’ve not really posted.

I am however busier than ever.

I’m currently:

1. Teaching full time.
2. Writing a database program in Visual C++.net to store test results for all of our classes.
3. Doing the School website from scratch with a bit of PHP.
4. Setting up the School Moodle site.
5. Looking after my son who will soon be 2 1/2.
6. Finishing my last year and a half of my part time degree in computing.
7. Barely having time to eat, drink and sleep.
8. Last week I took 750 odd photos for Sports Day, lots of which came out really well.
9. I’ve just downloaded and am trying out akelos to see if I can use it to help generate the site at work.

Time to sleep I think.

Bye for now. See you in another six months :-p