So Tired

Have been incredibly busy over the last two weeks. So haven’t posted for ages. First of all, it was my birthday on the 28th of April, so I got lots of nice presents etc. Then on the 29th I went to the Water Park, an Activity Centre at the Southern tip of Coniston, where we did various things like Ghyll scrambling:
then we canoed out to an island and did a bit of clambering round on the rocks:

On the Sunday we went scrambling and hill walking near Old Man of Coniston, and then came home. I spent most of last week in a knackered haze and didn’t start coming round until the weekend when I got lots of sleep.

I’ve picked up a copy of SELECT SSADM Case tool from college so that I can do my Information Systems Assignment this weekend from home (it was only a fiver), as the weekend after its Spud’s christening and we’ll be rammed with relatives and friends all weekend long, not actually very conducive to study.

Have decided to have a new type of entry entitled “coding” as part of the blog so that I can keep the other bits separate.

See you.