Pointy Birds

Last week, and last night we covered C++ pointers, basically it seems to boil down to the following bits. A pointer to an integer object which contains the value 1, can be written as:

int* fred = new int( 1 );

which can be split into three parts:

a. int* fred which declares fred as a pointer to an integer.
b. fred = new int; which allocates enough memory to hold the integer to which fred points
c. *fred = 1; which puts the value of 1 into the object to which fred points ( or *fred )

Pointers can be passed to and returned from functions ( and also need to be deleted in certain circumstances which didn’t get explained), if a pointer is passed into a function then, the object to which it points can be altered, and the ampersand used when we pass by reference is also an address, thereby providing us with a pointer to something.

So Tired

Have been incredibly busy over the last two weeks. So haven’t posted for ages. First of all, it was my birthday on the 28th of April, so I got lots of nice presents etc. Then on the 29th I went to the Water Park, an Activity Centre at the Southern tip of Coniston, where we did various things like Ghyll scrambling:
then we canoed out to an island and did a bit of clambering round on the rocks:

On the Sunday we went scrambling and hill walking near Old Man of Coniston, and then came home. I spent most of last week in a knackered haze and didn’t start coming round until the weekend when I got lots of sleep.

I’ve picked up a copy of SELECT SSADM Case tool from college so that I can do my Information Systems Assignment this weekend from home (it was only a fiver), as the weekend after its Spud’s christening and we’ll be rammed with relatives and friends all weekend long, not actually very conducive to study.

Have decided to have a new type of entry entitled “coding” as part of the blog so that I can keep the other bits separate.

See you.