A Very Busy Week

I’ve had a reasonable week I suppose, lots of work plus college 2 nights. I may even get around to becoming the Union Rep at work next week. I’ve been thinking about writing a program that I might even one day be able to sell. Basically it would generate Mental Arithmetic Tests (like the current KS3 ones) either at random or according to some user entered criteria. It would generate 4 files for each run:-

The audio file.
The pupils’ answer paper.
The teacher’s answer paper.
A transcript of the test questions.

I think the second part will be quite difficult. As will any actually generating the questions.

For my Information Systems module, we’ve received the second assignment. It involves using something called SSADM tools to analyse a business, and produce a simple database. I couldn’t actually decide if he wanted us to use a specific tool to generate our diagrams or whether we can just do it from scratch.

Got to go, will write about this in more detail tomorrow.