Through the Grinder

I’m shattered, it was back to work after Half Term today, and I’m absolutely knackered, got up about 6.15am after a not very good night’s sleep, and arrived bleary eyed at work by about 7.30am. Taught all morning until 12.30pm, and was on duty for both breaks, so effectively I did 4 hours straight through without any sort of rest. This happens regularly on a Monday, I’m on duty then I end up on cover for the first half of period 4, by the end of it, all I’m fit for is to sit in the staffroom and eat my dinner.

Then this afternoon I had fun playing games with Year 8s so it was a mildly satisfying day. Tomorrow is the first of my two back to back solid days, both of which finish with bottom 10s, they’re a nightmare on a Tuesday, and only marginally better on a Wednesday. Again by the end of them I’m virtually on my knees. Fed up with my job at the minute, the room definitely doesn’t help, but the whole set up just feels designed to grind me into the ground. At least Stuart’s decided he’s had enough and resigned from his place, I’m staying for at least this year and prbably 10 more to come (at least).

I’ve gotten fed up with my laptop seeming to seize up, and have concluded that since I upgraded KDE to 3.2 last Tuesday, that its not happy with just the 128M of memory. It seems to freeze whilst writing to disk which I can only assume is the swap being over used. Have ordered 512M from these people, for £81 (incl VAT) it should be here soon. Must get around to doing some kernel compile benchmarks to see what difference just memory makes.

I’m going now, I have to cut my hair before tomorrow, or put up with more comments from the kids about my new “afro”, I suppose some of the older ones are only used to seeing me with hair thats a couple of mm long.

Night, night.