There’s A Pint Of Guinness With My Name On It In Town!

We’re just getting ready to go out drinking now, we’ve arranged to meet, Paula, Dave and Rachel at Ye Old Man and Scythe for afternoon drinkies. Alex was originally supposed to be coming, but as per usual he’s unobtainable at the moment when we need to reach him.

We went to see Touching The Void last night, what an awesome film, Karen was wincing at various points but overall we left with a sense of “Wow, how did he manage to survive?”. A full five stars I think. Then it was off to Frankie and Benny’s for a slap up tea.

I managed to start looking at QT last night before we went out, and in theory it was making perfect sense, but when it starts to get complicated thats when i’ll be struggling. Having said that I have ordered a book called C++ GUI Programming with QT3″ or some such, but I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

Anyway time for me to go, there’s a pint of Guinness in town with my name on it.