My First Ever Blog Post

Hi this is my first attempt at a ‘blog, I’m trying to think of a reasonable title for it, something like “A Special type of Aimlessness!”. This is being done to a soundtrack of “The Specials: Free Nelson Mandella”.

Things I’ve done today:

Bought shaving stuff.
Watched the end of Donnie Darko.
Woke up with a hangover.
Went to Dave and Rachel’s.
Listened to lots of ‘Dave’, excellent on the whole.
Ate Chicken Kievs, Waffles & Baked Beans.

I miss KAREN! I’m sat here getting drunker and drunker, playing on the internet.

Things to do this week:

Start learning to program in QT!
Do lots of walking.
Empty the flat.
Book suits.
Phone Florist.
Book car in for a service.