The High Pass

My friends Dave and Anthony are in a band called the High Pass.

Here's one of their Album Covers:

and here are some of their tracks from SoundClick:

Note when compiling a Qt App on windows

This is a reminder to myself, after I've done a make dist-clean on Linux, and have brought the folders to my windows box, I don't need to do


    qmake -project


as the project files already exist and this just wipes the necessary settings, instead I just need to do





Old Blog Entries

When I upgraded this site to Drupal, I added some blog entries which I'd done on my laptop whilst on holiday in Inverness, but not uploaded to the web:

    * Layouts in Qt
    * CppUnit: Some More Discoveries
    * CppUnit Starting Out

All entries prior to this starting from the one just entitled Amos on 8/4/2005 were from my previous blog (also at this site address) which was Pivot based.

I am Knackered!

We came back from Scotland last Sunday, and since then I've had a few days to do some work, and most evenings but I'm getting nowhere. I've not slept well all week and as a result I've just been too brain dead to do anything constructive towards my project. I know exactly what I need to do first, that is decide on the exact interface for the Qgl base class to inherit from and test an implementation of it using CPPUnit and the QTest class. Tomorrow I think I might be able to have a go.

Layouts in Qt

I think I've finally cracked the layout mechanism in Qt Designer, it isn't straightforward and intuitive to get set up by any means. Basically once you have various bits you want to layout you need to start looking at their sizing policy, geometry and various other bits. You also seem to need to make liberal use of the stretcher things.

CppUnit: Some More Discoveries

Tuesday 12th of August 2008 21:24

One thing I don't think I mentioned in the last post is that in the ClassNameTest.cpp file we need to register the test suite using a macro:


which registers the test suite so that it will be run.

The assertions which are possible include (lifted directly from the api documentation at the CppUnit sourceforge page):

Aserts that condition is true.

CppUnit Starting Out

I've decided to try and keep a bit of a blog by writing it in Emacs on my laptop and then copying the resulting text over to the actual online Blog.

This evening I've finished going through the first part of the CppUnit simple tutorial, but I still need to get a better idea of what is entailed in using it, so I'll have to try working through the Cookbook even though it starts with other Test versions than the one in the Tutorial.

One Assignment Down

Hooray! I've finished one assignment (the website/automated telephone one for HCI), two more to go.

I did some concept mapping last night but my heart wasn't really in it. I'll carry on tonight I think and see how far I get. Then I actually have to go to my HCI lecture tomorrow, which I don't look forward to.

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday today, but we're not doing much to celebrate it as we've both got so much work on at the moment.

I've finished my website, done a very shoddy write-up and now just need to do the script for the automated telephone service.

Next I've got to do the lovely concept maps for the course. It's tempting to leave out one or two lectures and see if he notices. I have decided to spend tonight and tomorrow doing as many as possible so that I can concentrate on doing as much of my Interim Research Report as possible at the weekend.

At College Again Waiting for my Lecture to Start

I'm sat in the coffee shop again, getting ready for yet another HCI lecture.

This is most definitely not my favourite module. In fact I'm struggling to work out which module would get that honour.

Unlike some of the other contenders for the worst, there's little wrong with the course or the lecturer it just doesn't make me feel good, as it's just too wishy-washy. There isn't any tangible thing which I need to do/know, its just some airy fairy concepts I need to apply.

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