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Not Quite as Useless This Time

Well it's only been five and a half months this time. I'm currently up to my eyes in it with college work. In the next month and a bit I have...

1. A Project Management review to do, with respect to my Final Year Project.

2. An Interim Research Project to write, again for my Final Year Project.

3. A concept map for the whole of my HCI course.

4. A website to design and implement (without the actual functionality) for the HCI course.

Even More Useless Than Previously Mentioned

Yet again, how useless am I? I'm actually typing this entry on my phone, maybe if I use my phone I might manage to keep up-to-date more.

I'm currently off work with a stinking cold that shows no sign of disappearing soon. I've finished one assignment for College whilst I've been off, and I was trying to get on with my Advanced Databases one but I've had problems today.

I'm Useless At Keeping A Blog

Six months and yet again I've not really posted.

I am however busier than ever.

I'm currently:

1. Teaching full time.
2. Writing a database program in Visual to store test results for all of our classes.
3. Doing the School website from scratch with a bit of PHP.
4. Setting up the School Moodle site.
5. Looking after my son who will soon be 2 1/2.
6. Finishing my last year and a half of my part time degree in computing.
7. Barely having time to eat, drink and sleep.

Even Longer This Time?

Yet again I can't believe it's been this long since I posted anything. I'm still doing my part-time degree at Bolton, including the current Semester I've got two years left to do so it finally feels like I'm getting somewhere.

Wow, has it been that long since I last posted?

I can't believe its been so long since I actually made a post here. Admittedly I've been a bit busy what with having a baby son, doing a part time degree and being a full time Maths Teacher. So basically I've been flat out at it for the last year apart from all of those hours spent playing Call Of Duty 2 Multiplayer games. My son is growing up fast, he's walking and almost talking now, soon he'll be learning to program whether he wants to or not :-p .

Pointy Birds

Last week, and last night we covered C++ pointers, basically it seems to boil down to the following bits. A pointer to an integer object which contains the value 1, can be written as:

int* fred = new int( 1 );

which can be split into three parts:

a. int* fred which declares fred as a pointer to an integer.
b. fred = new int; which allocates enough memory to hold the integer to which fred points
c. *fred = 1; which puts the value of 1 into the object to which fred points ( or *fred )

So Tired

Have been incredibly busy over the last two weeks. So haven't posted for ages. First of all it was my birthday on the 28th of April, so I got lots of nice presents etc. Then on the 29th I went to the Water Park, an Activity Centre at the Southern tip of Coniston, where we did various things like Ghyll scrambling: 


then we canoed out to an island and did a bit of clambering round on the rocks:


A Very Busy Week

I've had a reasonable week I suppose, lots of work plus college 2 nights. I may even get around to becoming the Union Rep at work next week. I've been thinking about writing a program that I might even one day be able to sell. Basically it would generate Mental Arithmetic Tests (like the current KS3 ones) either at random or according to some user entered criteria. It would generate 4 files for each run:-

The audio file.
The pupils' answer paper.
The teacher's answer paper.
A transcript of the test questions.

Programming Course

All afternoon on Sunday and from 2.30 until 11pm yesterday I was working on two C++ programs for my course. I went to college this evening only to find the lecture cancelled because the lecturer was off ill. What a pain that was, basically I could have taken my time and handed them in next week and all would have been fine.

Access 2003 Database

I spent all day yesterday completing an Assignment for my course using Access 2003, what a pain it is to use! I've used most of the other common elements of Microsoft Office on a fairly regular basis, but until I started this module I'd had no reason to try Access.

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