Chips, Chips and more Chips

I've been playing with electronics recently, and have managed to learn how to solder. I'm making Connor a Simon Says game for Christmas based on the one from the PicAXE site here. From looking at various sites I found this one Chiphacker where i've been asking and answering various questions relating to electronics and computing.

By reading the posts I don't know about and answering the ones I do, I'm learning quite a lot as I go along.


I found this site whilst looking at the Make Blog, it looks interesting:


Reposted Posts

I've finally managed to get around to reposting, all of the posts which were on my old blog, going back a full 5 1/2 years. Not very interesting mostly, other than to remind me what i was doing/thinking at a particular point in time.


Business Web Site Now Up

The website for my business is now up at take a look.

Testing Images

just checking if images are working because they haven't been. 


The Site Has Moved

I've moved the site from 1 and 1 Web Hosting to Heart Internet, as I have taken out a Reseller account with them, in order to start a business.

Go to to see it (the main site isn't up yet but it will be soon).

If you need web hosting, web design or application development or anything else of a computing flavour doing then contact me and I'll sort them out for you (for a fee, probably).


Emacs - SLime - SBCL Setup Redux

After using this for a while i've just realised that all output is going to the inferior-lisp buffer instead of the REPL.The solution is to go into the slime directory, open swank.lisp and find the lines:

(defvar *globally-redirect-io* nil
  "When non-nil globally redirect all standard streams to Emacs.")

and change them to

(defvar *globally-redirect-io* t
  "When non-nil globally redirect all standard streams to Emacs.")

Which appears to do the trick.

Emacs - SLime - SBCL Setup

I've faffed around for ages looking for the causes of these problems, and I seem finally to have found the solution. On both of my windows boxes I had upgraded SBCL to 1.0.22, Emacs to the latest EmacsW32, and Slime to the most recent but this setup was not working as I wanted, after doing M-x slime, I was not getting a REPL, just some output in the *inferior-lisp* buffer telling me I was connected.To get a REPL to display when we start slime it is necessary to change the line in our .emacs file from:



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody. Tomorrow two monitors!

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